Email Marketing - How To Get Subscribers

September 21, 2020

Are you using email marketing? How do you get subscribers?

Estimates show that the active email users will reach 4.3 billion in 2023. Each day, there are almost 300 billion emails sent and received.

For each $1 invested, the expected ROI (return of investment) is $42. 9 out of 10 top marketers use email marketing.

The potential is huge and email marketing is quite simple to use.

To start using email marketing, you first have to build a subscriber base. Don't buy databases with emails and don't send people spammy emails. It is not nice to do that, and probably not even legal.

Even if you do your own research and create a database of potential contacts, if they haven't opt-in, you cannot send them emails.

How to get subscribers

There are many ways to get subscribers. Below I will show you 3 great solutions. You should not just pick one or two solutions, but instead, use all these. Get as fast as possible and as many subscribers as you can.

Here are 3 methods you should start with. These 3 are more than enough and you should stay focused, not divide your efforts into 10 different places.


Do you have on your website a form that visitors can use to subscribe to your email list? Is it on your homepage? What about on your other pages? Install it everywhere.

What info are you requesting them to fill? Don't ask for all their details (Full name, Location, Phone number, and other things) because they will leave.

Make it as easy as possible to enter their email address.

You can even install a pop-up to remind visitors to subscribe to your email list.

Offer an incentive to subscribe to your email list, this tactic can do wonders.

Give a small discount to all the people that buy products from you, if they subscribe to your email list.

Be smart, you will find lots of ways to make people subscribe.

Drive paid traffic to a landing page

This is by far the simplest method to start an email list or to grow the existing one.

Facebook is probably the best social media channel to pay for traffic and direct it to your landing page where people can subscribe to your email list.

The cool thing is that Facebook is super powerful, and it will help you target the exact people you need.

Costs with Facebook are not high, you can even start with a few dollars a day.

It is extremely important to have a professional design your ad and landing page. The single mission of the landing page will be to make people subscribe to your email list.

I highly recommend you offer an incentive.

Think outside the box, make them want to subscribe.

Create awesome blog content

Awesome blog content will help you in 2 ways.

First, it will generate traffic for your website. A part of this traffic will convert into customers for your products and services.

The second thing is that people will want to see more awesome content, and they will subscribe to your email list.

At the end of each article, kindly ask them to subscribe to your email list and put there a simple subscribe form.

Ok, I have my own subscribers list. What's next?

Now that you have your subscribers list, the first thing that you need to know is that you will have to create a calendar of creating content and respect it.

If you promise subscribers a post per week, on Fridays, do it.

Create quality content and keep your subscribers interested.

If not, they will not quickly unsubscribe and you will lose all your invested money. You don't want that, right?


Email marketing is extremely powerful and it is easy to get subscribers.

The hard part is to keep them, and that it is done by creating very interesting content.