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Email signature banners are one of the best tools that you can use to advertise your products and service, to promote an event, to show the world testimonials, and much more.

Are you using them?

If not, you just found a huge opportunity.

These banners can be large, are simple and quick to create, the cost is minimum or even 0, and they attract huge attention in the email design, being impossible to miss.

Most of us send tens of emails each day, individually, but think for a company with tens or hundreds of employees.

Let’s make this example.

A company with 20 employees that send each 10 emails per day. That means 200 emails each day, in a month (20 working days)m there are 4,000 emails.

4,000 emails in which you can use banners in your email signatures to do lots of things.

But what if your company has a subscriber list of 10,000 persons? Just imagine the potential of the banner.

The potential is huge and the cost to design a banner is 0 or close to 0, depending on the route you choose.

7 Ways To Use Email Signature Banners

1. Advertise products or services

Email signature banners represent a super way to advertise your products or services.

Best is to advertise your most popular products and services, highly discounted items and products that sell the most.

To make the banner even more efficient, offer a discount code with a time limit. This strategy will make your customers buy more because of the famous Fear Of MIssing Out syndrome. This is sales psycology and you should use it every time you can.

Always, but always, track the results.

You can even create different email signature banners for different employees that get in contact with certain types of people. Banners can be adapted for each potential customer base.

2. Inform people about your upcoming event or webinar

You can use email signature banners to let people know about your upcoming event or webinar. If the event is dedicated to your partners and customers, using thsee banners will be extremely effective. The exact persons that you work with, will be informed also from your common emails.

The event banner has to contain the following details:

  • Topic
  • Super interesting headline and sub headline.
  • Date and time.
  • How long does it takes.
  • Location – physical location or digital.
  • Guests.
  • Key points about the event (surprises, famous guest, food and drinks included)
  • Cost of attending the event if any.

3. Testimonials

A strong testimonial can do wonders.

A testimonial is a story and you’ve seen how many stories went viral and are shared non stop over the internet?

Yours can be the next big hit.

Work closely with your client and make a testimonial that everybody wants to share.

Using the email signature banner, you can easily launch your testimonial and get the snowball keep growing.

4. New Videos

If you are producing videos for your clients, you can show them to your partners.

Or you can announce them that you just launched a new YouTube video.

5. New Blog Posts

Same goes for new blog posts.

Let your customers and partners know that you just wrote a new blog post.

You will be amazed how many people will click on your banner and read your new article.

6. New Product or Service

You launched a new product or service.

Great, tell people about it through your email signature banner.

You can even offer an incentive to people that click on your email banner.

7. Holiday Wishes

It is Christmas? Use email signature banners to bring joy to your customers and partners.

You even use a GIF and tell people Merry Christmas.

If it is New Eve, tell people Happy New Year.

There are endless possibilities.


Implement email signatures banners from this moment, you will love the results.

And don’t forget to track the results.

We did over $50,000 last year from our email signature banners and in 2021 we expect to double the numbers.

So don’t waste time, start using them.

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