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BMW xChange By bavaria mobility

Automobile Bavaria is the biggest BMW, MINI, and Rolls-Royce car dealerships in Romania.

We have about 10 videos with them. This project brings us to the top of production companies in the automotive area, getting us important customers.

Ferrari pista

This project was one of the most beautiful because we work with the greatest pleasure when it comes to the automotive field, especially when it  comes to a Ferrari.

Host meet the app

Host is an experience  platform that connects the employee to the environments, amenities and  communities that matter the most.

The platform, which can be tailored to  specific client requirements, features a robust mobile experience. The Host  mobile app is supported by our hospitality-trained Hosts who provide  world-class customer service in the workplace. This project has finished in 2  weeks.


This was a special project for us. Scooterson was at the prototype level  when we started this project.

The idea from this video is that the place of  loading of scooters is a place of story represented by the horizon that  connects heaven and earth. It was a large project that lasted about a month.  


Orhideea Towers - an office  project located in the new emerging central-western business district of  Bucharest, Romania.

It is dedicated to dynamic companies and their people

northside park residential project

Located in the northern part of Bucharest, NorthSide Park is built on  the most precious land on Gheorghe Ionescu - Sisești, Bucharest, Romania.

It is in the middle of a private park, with trees and gardens, and opening to Lake Grivița.

globalworth office buildings

Globalworth is the leading office investor in the CEE real estate, with  focus on its two markets - Romania and Poland.  

The company acquires, develops and directly  manages high-quality office and logistics/light-industrial real estate assets  in prime locations, generating rental income from tenants from around the  globe. The production involved actors, scenographers, props and a very well prepared  team.

first club absolute shopping

The best value campaign brings value to our portfolio.

We really  appreciated that we worked with this brand for the campaign videos.


We came with a super smart idea, and unique in Romania.

The project was done with the help of the famous TNT Brothers team, the best in their niche.

pcloud promo video for their cloud service

pCloud hired us to make a promo video for their cloud service.

The brand is recognized as the world's most secure cloud service.