Success Story 2 - Expert Service Supply

New Customers Per Month
+ % Profitability
Times The Return of Investment

Expert Service Supply is a chain of 10 restaurants and 1 cake & pastry laboratory.

The company was doing extremely well before Covid-19.

Expert Service Supply developed naturally by creating high-quality food and having super restaurants.

All their restaurants are located in the city center of Bucharest, on luxury boulevards.

Since their launch, they always focused on people entering their restaurants and they never delivered food and cakes.

Covid-19 hit Expert Service Supply extremely hard.

Restaurants from all over the world faced probably the most terrible situation - to be closed and have 0 customers in a matter of weeks.

All their revenue stopped while the costs were the very same.

The company revenue of hundreds of thousands of euros per months, transformed in nothing, in just a few weeks.

Even the most powerful chains of restaurants with hundreds of employees and very strong revenue had to reinvent and find solutions. Unfortunately, many faced bankruptcy and closed their doors.

It is extremely hard from a month to another to have all the same costs, but 0 revenue.

The situation was desperate.

The Solution

We had to find very quick solutions for Expert Service Supply as the huge company was facing serious financial problems.

They understood that they have to invest money in online advertising and get our help to find customers so they can fix their financial problems. Leonard worked closely with us, being opened to new ideas and strategies.

Rocket Gorilla helped Expert Service Supply create new lines of business.  The chain of restaurants changed its 100% focus from people entering their restaurants to delivering food to companies and private persons (everybody was working from home and many of them still are).

Vlad helped us create new business lines and get excellent revenue in a period in which many restaurants closed their doors forever. The restaurants and the cake & pastry laboratory were reinvented, getting tons of customers. And remember, ther restaurants were closed to the public, all the revenue was coming through Rocket Gorilla online advertising.


The return of investment (online advertising budgets and fees) was even 10 times higher.

For $2,000 invested on Facebook, they've got between $10,000 and $20,000 each month.

The Results

The orders for food and cake delivery come in high amounts and these new lines of business will remain even after Covid-19 effects will go away.