Success Story 3 - Opera Veneta

Customers from the first month
Time More Profitable Than Its Other Sales Channels
Times The Return Of Investment In The First Month

Opera Veneta is one of the main suppliers in Europe of premium pork and beef meat.

We wanted to grow our company and sell meat also directly to the end user.

Opera Veneta is a very powerful business that works with pork and beef meat.

They are located in Italy and they sell their products all over Europe, being highly appreciated for their high-quality products.

99% of the sales are made through local and international distributors.

The need

Gigi, the owner of Opera Veneta, contacted us as he wanted to develop a new sales channel. He wanted to sell meat directly to the end users, but without opening stores and hire more staff. He wanted to sell the meat over the internet.

During Covid-19, even if my business was as high and powerful as always, I wanted to grow it even more.

Covid-19 didn't affected Opera Veneta as they sell meat and the population will always consume it in high amounts.

Gigi even saw an increase from the previous year. People stayed in their houses and they eat even more meat.

But he wanted to grow its company even more and through distributors it seemed impossible.

The Solution

We carefully analyzed the potential and we decided that we can help Gigi.

Before starting the advertising, we hired top photographers from Italy, where Opera Veneta is located, to take impressive photos of Gigi's products.

After that we helped Gigi with a website, with the copywriting, with landing pages, with the ads design and copywriting, and everything else. He offered him a complete package.

We focused mainly on Facebook, generating impressive results even from the first month.

By the end of the year, I would have probably invested $65,000 in Rocket Gorilla and I estimate that they will produce sales for me of around $750,000.


The return of investment for the first month was close to 12 times.

Both Gigi and us were shocked. We know what we can achieve, but even so it was impressive.

The Results

Opera Veneta is quickly growing its new sales channel and we are happy to say that we are part of their success.