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Average DA: 56

Collective articles represent the future of sponsored editorials

The cost to publish 15 sponsored editorials like the ones that we will do in this campaign is over $12,000.

And this is the just the cost of the publishers, it doesn't include also the writing.

In plus, you will find out that some of these publishers are not open to work with external customers.

So as you see, it is expensive and a complicated project to publish 10 sponsored editorials.

That is why our service is so great.

You pay even less 20x of the total cost and you get very similar results.

Save time, money, and hassles

Best service in the industry for the last 8 years.

Writing is included

You and your team won't spend time writing content for this campaign.

Wide range of prices ($600 -> $4,500)

No matter which is your budget, you will part of this campaign.

How does this work?

Choose your spot

The very first thing you need to do is to choose your spot in this campaign.

You will do that based on your budget and needs.

Pay the invoice

Send your company details and you will immediately get the invoice.

The invoice can be paid by credit card, PayPal, or bank transfer.

Send over the campaign materials

You will have to send certain materials:

- Info about what to write, including keywords
- Link
- Picture and/or video

15 premium publishers

The mix of websites is very good offering everything you expect:

– Exposure

– 56 Average DA

– Competitive prices


2nd spot

$3400 / campaign
  • Bonus article on
  • Free spot in the following 2 campaigns

3rd spot

$2700 / campaign
  • Bonus article on
  • Bonus article on

4th spot

$2000 / campaign
  • Bonus article on
  • Bonus article on

5-10 spots range

$850 / campaign
  • Bonus article on
  • 2 Keywords
  • 2 Links

11-20 spots range

$600 / campaign
  • Bonus article on
  • 1 Keyword
  • 1 Link

1st link and last link in the introductory paragraphs

  • Custom link for each article
  • Custom keyword for each article
  • 2 Full Articles On Top Websites

2nd link in the introductory paragraphs

  • Custom link for each article
  • Custom keyword for each article

Join today the project and get your web app or service in front of a strong audience while you also build high-quality links

Refund policy

Refunds are being offered only if we cannot provide the promised services.

If we are obliged to change a website with another one, no matter the cause (publisher is not responding, he increased the price without notice, he is not accepting to publish our complete article and so on), we will not refund you.

The website will be changed with another website similar in terms of Monthly Traffic or Domain Authority. 


Even as we precontact publishers and agree with them on the conditions to publish our work, there are still times when they heavily increase prices, decline to work with some of our advertisers, they don’t respond to our emails and calls in the correct period of time, or they schedule the article on days with bad traffic (like Saturday morning).

Now there is also the issue with russian blog owners that are blocked and they cannot be paid, so they are not available to work with people outside Russia.

That is why there are times when websites changes are being made.